Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cat Trivia


Cat’s body language is composed of many elements-posture, tail position, angle of head, facial expression, etc. There are a range of facial expressions that register a cat’s mood and reactions from outrage to ecstasy. Making faces is a fundamental mode of feline communication.
(1)  A happy cat has perky ears, pupils normal for the prevailing light level and relaxed whiskers.
(2)  An angry cat keeps its ears erect and furled back; its pupils constrict to slits and its whiskers "bristle" forwards.
(3)  A frightened cat is "wide-eyed" and lays its ears and whiskers flat.
(4)  A cat playing or hunting wears a face between those of anger and fear; the pupils are open but the ears are pricked, and like the whiskers, thrust forward.
(5)  The pleasure of being petted shows in the half closed eyes of the face of ecstasy.

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